Calvin College Partners with Sea to Sea

“We are now fallen creatures in a fallen world. The Christian gospel tells us that all hell has broken loose in this sorry world but also that, in Christ, all heaven has come to do battle. Christ the warrior has come to defeat worldly power, to move the world over onto a new foundation, and to equip a people—informed, devout, educated, pious, determined people—to follow him in righting what's wrong, in transforming what's corrupted, in doing the things that make for peace.”

This quote on the Calvin College website from Cornelius Plantinga, Jr, the former president of Calvin Seminary, powerfully captures the mandate for all believers to be actively engaged participants in rooting out evil by being agents for the Kingdom of God in showing Christ’s compassion and love to the poor and oppressed—people who society too often ignore and dismiss. In the New Testament, Jesus tells us that every man, woman, and child is our neighbor, and it’s our hope at Sea to Sea that by cycling across North America, we can make a real, tangible difference in the lives of the poor.

Our friends at Calvin College share our passion and commitment to actively living out our faith and we have been blown away by their generous hands-on involvement in making Sea to Sea a reality. They have advertised Sea to Sea at their basketball games and are providing dorm rooms, meals, and laundry facilities during our time in Grand Rapids this summer. Additionally, we have been abundantly blessed by their partnership and are incredibly grateful for their expert assistance with our devotional book and their enthusiasm in promoting the ride to their faculty, staff, students, and alumni.

Ken Erffmeyer, Vice President for Advancement, at Calvin said recently that “Calvin students, staff, and alumni have a heart for serving alongside the poor, and we have a long history at the college of participating in service projects around the world. Partnering with Sea to Sea is a logical extension of our desire to glorify God by putting our faith into action.”

Terry Barnes, advancement manager for Sea to Sea, is hopeful that Calvin’s involvement will spur others to get involved in the amazing, life-changing work of Sea to Sea. “Calvin College has joined Sea to Sea in answer to Jesus' call to let our light shine before men,” said Barnes. “It's not about duty, this is about the love of Christ that stirs the Holy Spirit in our hearts. Calvin College's partnership enables us to help more children, families and communities break the bonds of poverty here in our local community and around the world. I encourage everyone reading this to join us in the work to end poverty.”