Tour Sponsor.

Tour Sponsors are individuals and companies dedicated to meeting the operating needs of Sea to Sea with funds, equipment and supplies.

Oh, and you also get a lot of sweet sponsorship benefits, too.

Tour Sponsorship is closed for this year’s ride, but email to learn about future rides and opportunities.

Tour Partner.

Since 2005, Sea to Sea has been cycling to benefit Churches and Nonprofits working to break the cycle of poverty. The Tour Partner program is designed to create funding for your church and the local poverty ministries you support.

Tour Partnership is closed for this year’s ride, but email to learn about future rides and opportunities.

Tour sponsorship status is achieved with a donation of more than $10,000 or the equivalent in in-kind donations.

Sponsors are recognized on all major promotional efforts:

+ Prominent recognition on Sea to Sea website.

+ Recognition on press releases.

+ Named on social media posts.

+ Recognition on print materials after signing on.

+ Branding on Sea to Sea jersey.

+ Branding on transport vehicles (kitchen trailer, box truck, semi trailer).

The Tour Partner receives funds determined by a formula (below) with no maximum limit. It is recommended that Tour Partners proactively select and support their Rider(s) as soon as possible. A Tour Partner may develop a team of riders to represent them, these teams have consolidated fundraising goals.


+ 20% of funds raised after expenses and up to the fundraising goal go to the Tour Partner.

+ After the rider meets their fundraising goal, 50% of the funds raised go to the Tour Partner.

*Riders are not required to have a Tour Partner in order to participate in Sea to Sea.

**Riders may only have one organization as their Tour Partner.

Examples of past sponsors:

+ Colleges

+ Small business owners

+ Individuals

+ Food manufacturers

Examples of past in-kind donations:

+ Food

+ Truck/trailers

+ Lodging


First Church has a poverty ministry and recruits Jane to ride the full tour. Working together, they raise $25,000 by the end of Sea to Sea.

$12k (full goal) – $5k (op. costs) = $7k.

20% of $7k = $1.4k.

Fundraising over goal: $6k. (First Church earns 50% of this.)

50% of $13k = $6.5k.

Total for First Church: $1.3k + $6.5k = $7.8k.

Current needs:

+ Click here for a full list of Sea to Sea’s needs in 2017.


Second Church works closely with Town Hope, a nonprofit community agency in town that provides several services to break the cycle of poverty. Second Church and Town Hope work together to recruit 5 people to ride relay style from Vancouver to Halifax to give them exposure for the full 10 weeks of the tour.

The Town Hope team is able to take advantage of the many churches working with them and raises $100,000.

Since each rider was riding a two week stage the combined fundraising goal is $6,000 x 5 = $30,000.

It is calculated that the expense is $500 per week per rider so the Town Hope team has an expense total of $5,000.

Based on the formula Town Hope receives $40,000.