Tour History and Quick Facts

Tour History

The Sea to Sea 2013 Bike Tour follows the shape and format of similar cycling projects hosted by the Christian Reformed Church in 2005 and 2008. In 2005, the tour raised almost $1 million, and in 2008, the tour raised over $2.5 million before costs and sent over $1.5 million to local, national and international agencies fighting poverty. Below is a brief snapshot of some of the organizations that benefited from the 2008 tour. For a more comprehensive report of all the organizations that received support, email

World Renew: $418,000
Funds supported community development, job creation and disaster response around the world.

Partners WorldWide: $352,576
Sea to Sea funds equipped our business affiliates around the world as they used our four strategic activities to fight poverty with sustainable methods. These strategic activities--business training, mentoring, access to loan capital, and advocacy--take place within our model of working in long-lasting, global partnerships to help business people bring about change in their own communities. These partnerships transform the lives of local leaders as well as the lives of their North American partners.

In 2008-2009, resources from Sea to Sea helped our network create 1,141 new jobs and sustain over 22,000 jobs. Your funds were life-savers for many, in one of the worst global economic crises many have ever faced. The funds you raised provided support for sustainable jobs that enabled people to provide food, shelter, education and medical care for their families. You helped spread hope, joy and dignity in a broken world. You helped provide jobs that are alleviating poverty. Thank you for the miles you traveled, the message you spread about ending the cycle of poverty, and for being God's arms and legs in this world!

Crossroads Christian Reformed Church- San Marcos, CA: $800
Crossroads Christian Reformed Church used the grant money to buy supplies for an after school program that focuses on a Spanish speaking community.  

Urban Family Ministries – Grand Rapids, MI: $10,000
This grant helped Urban Family Ministries expand a pilot program geared toward eliminating generational poverty by workin with at risk teens, and helping them with life skills that lead to long term employment. 
Chicagoland Prison Outreach – South Holland, MI: $10,000
This money kicked off a matching gift campaign to provide new classes as well as support current classes to ex-cons who participate in the Chicagoland Prison Outreache weekly Bible study.  These programs teach ex-cons a vocation and then help them secure an apprenticeship as they reintegrate into society.  
Providence Christian Reformed Church – Holland, MI: $9,120
The gift to Providence Christian Reformed Church provided start up funds for a Pig Micro Finance program in Mityana, Uganda.  This program provides families living in extreme poverty a way to provide for their family by raising pigs and selling them, while furthering the program by giving one piglet from each litter to another needy family.  
Health Intervention Services – Grand Rapids, MI: $10,000
This grant was used to expand the number of uninsured, impoverished individuals treated by medical personal at the clinic in 2009.  
Starfish Ministries – Inver Grove Heights, MN: $10,000
Starfish Ministries used this moneyto begin a community development effort in a neighborhood inhabited by the Karen people, refugees from Myanmar. The ministry's goal is to start a childcare center for the Karen people with hopes that this will lead into a full-fledged community center.
Rose City Kids – Fenwick, ON:$10,000
This gift will be used to expand Rose City Kids, a program focusing on neighborhoods with high poverty.
CAUSE Canada – Canmore, AB: $10,000
This grant was used for the Women’s Literacy and Leadership Program in Koinadugu, Sierra Leone. The program works to assist women and their families through integral training in literacy, financial management, l and leadership development. 
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Awake Church – Seattle, WA: $7,500
The Awake Church is located in a heavily transient area of Seattle with many individuals using motels as housing due to lack of resources.  This program educates participants in financial matters while helping them save money so that they can move into more stable housing. Through the Sea-to-Sea grant, they were able to help 12 families/individuals transition into stable, affordable housing by providing non interest loans to cover some portion of rent or security deposit, etc

Quick Facts About the 2013 Tour

  • Expected to be the largest cross-continental bike tour ever.
  • Begins June 21, 2013, in Los Angeles
  • Ends nine weeks later in New York City
  • Stops include Phoenix, Rehoboth, Colorado Springs, Pella, Chicago, Grand Rapids, and Toronto.
  • 3,900 total miles
  • Shorter options are available.
  • Celebrations staged along the route, usually on Sundays.

Why Are Cyclists Riding

  • To raise awareness and money to fight poverty around the world.
  • To motivate people to become involved in working with the poor.
  • To celebrate and highlight the history and common work of the partnering agencies.

Poverty Facts

  • Nearly half the world—three billion people—live on less than $2.50 a day.
  • 18 children die every minute due to poverty—that’s one child every 3 seconds.
  • About 2.2 million children die each year because they are not immunized.
  • 400 million people do not have access to health services.
  • More than nine million people die worldwide each year because of hunger and malnutrition.

Tour Partners

  • Tour partners include the Reformed Church in America, Partners Worldwide, and World Renew.
  • Tour proceeds will support new and ongoing programs that break the cycle of poverty for individuals, families, and communities around the world.

Anticipated Outcomes

  • To raise $3 million to support the work of agencies to alleviate poverty locally, nationally, and internationally.
  • To enhance passion for engaging in ministry work that transforms lives and communities.
  • To recognize the power of prayer.