Tour Questions

Below are some questions and answers about the 2013 tour that you might be interested in. If you have a particular question, email Al DeKock, the tour manager, at .

  1. Question: When does the tour start?
    Answer: Cyclists need to arrive at Vanguard University in Costa Mesa, CA by Saturday, June 22. There will be complimentary shuttle van service from John Wayne Airport in Orange County, CA to Vanguard. Cyclists who fly into a different Southern California airport are responsbile for arranging their own transportation to Vanguard. Lodging on Friday night at Vanguard is available at cyclist expense, $30/person, double occupancy, with cyclists responsible for their own meals. Reservations must be made through Luanne Barnes at Lodging at Vanguard is provided by Sea to Sea on Saturday and Sunday night.  We will hit the road on Monday, June 24.
  2. Question: How does money raised by Sea to Sea help end poverty?
    Answer: Funds raised by Sea to Sea support the poverty fighting efforts of our partners: World Renew, Partners Worldwide, and the Reformed Church in America. These funds will be used to support new or ongoing initiatives in the areas of business and community development, and will provide people around the world with access to clean water, immunizations, and other vital medical services. In 2013 funds are divided as follows: 25% goes to World Renew, 15% to RCA World Missions, 25% to Partners Worldwide and 35% goes to local programs that assist the poor. These local programs are usually church sponsored and will be awarded through a grant process where they will apply to the Sea to Sea foundation. You can see some of the recipients from 2008 here. All donations received at the Sea to Sea office either through the website or submitted by donors will receive a tax receipt.
  3. Question: Are cyclists responsible for their own travel plans?
    Answer: Yes, Cyclists are responsible for making their own travel arrangements to start the tour as well as travel arrangements home at the end of the tour.
  4. Question: Is the tour fully supported?
    Yes, this is a fully supported tour. Your gear will be transported each day to the next town. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided by our mobile kitchen. All you will need to carry on your bike is hydration, nutrition, basic flat repair items and your willingness to talk about Sea to Sea!
  5. Question: Are meals provided during the tour?
    Answer: Yes! Sea to Sea will bring a mobile kitchen to provide cyclists with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Cyclists are responsible for their own snacks.
  6. Question: Where will riders sleep?
    Answer: Riders will sleep in their own tents each night. We will mostly be staying at campgrounds, school athletic fields, or parks.
  7. Question: What type of bike should I use?
    Answer: It is recommended that cyclists visit their local bike shop to be fitted for a bike that best meets their needs.
  8. Question: Where will I keep my clothes and personal items during the tour?
    Answer: Your clothes and personal items will be securely and safely secure in the Gear truck that will be part of the tour.
  9. Question: How will I charge my phone, iPad, or other electronic equipment?
    Answer: You will be able to charge your equipment overnight in the Gear truck.
  10. Question: Where will I take a shower?
    Answer: Each overnight stop will have shower facilities available. There will also be a mobile showering station that will allow riders to take a cold rinse, wash clothing and refill water bottles.
  11. Question: What if my bike needs to be repaired during the tour?
    Answer: Cyclists should be able to make minor repairs on their own...such as changing a tire. Local bike shops along the route will be used for assisting with major repairs.
  12. Question: How will I do my laundry?
    Answer: During the week cyclists often rinse their clothing and hang it up to dry. Each Saturday and Sunday Cyclists can do laundry at the local laundry mat, but will need to provide your own quarters.