Thank you for your interest in joining the Sea to Sea team as a volunteer. Without the time and dedication of individuals like you, this cross-continental tour would not be possible. If you are interested in any of the positions listed below, fill out the application below. If you have specific questions, contact Al DeKock, the tour manager at adekock@seatosea.org. Note: some jobs require specific requirements and/or licenses.

Note: As of February 20, most of the volunteer positions have been filled. However, there is still a need for volunteers to assist in the kitchen by helping with food preparation, cleanup, and other activities as needed.

Bike Mechanic—Duties include performing a wide range of repairs on bikes during the tour. An ideal candidate will have extensive experience repairing bikes.

Campground Supervisor—Assist with the set up and tear down of campsites. Duties may include overseeing cyclist groups during the packing and unpacking of gear trucks, scouting water and power support at each location and positioning kitchen and media centers in the appropriate locations.

Kitchen Staff

  • Kitchen Team Lead—Oversee the kitchen/food operations. Duties include designing tour menus while taking into account special dietary needs, arranging for all the purchasing of food items, keeping track of supply stock, timely preparation of meals, monitoring distribution of food, and overseeing cyclists assigned to kitchen duty.
  • Cook—Ideal candidate will have experience in cooking food for large groups of people in a fast paced, buffet style setting.
  • Food Preparer—Provides aid to the cook by preparing ingredients. Duties may include washing and cutting of vegetables, measuring and mixing ingredients, and washing and drying dishes.
  • Food Server—Assists cook by serving cyclists. Duties may include delivering food to the dinner tent, serving food to the cyclists, and helping clean up after meals.

Medical Support—Licensed medical professional (M.D.,R.N.,E.MT.) to provide medical support for the participants of the tour.

SAG Wagon Driver—Provides support to the cyclists on the route. Several SAG (Support and Gear) wagons will be parked along the cyclist’s route each day. These vehicles and their drivers serve as a point of contact for the riders. Each driver will be outfitted with water, snacks, first aid kits, bike mechanics, and medical support staff. Thanks--positions currently filled.

Truck Driver—Drives the gear trailers from one campsite to the next. Drivers must have the appropriate license in the United States (CDL) and Canada (Class 1).

Chaplains—Set the overall spiritual tone of the tour and establish effective means for cyclists to experience God’s presence and ensure that the tour glorifies, honors, and praises God. To view the chaplain job description click here. If you are interested in becoming a chaplain, please contact Al DeKock at adekock@seatosea.org or Larry Stehouwer at stehouwer.larry@gmail.com.

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