It’s now been nearly three months since the 2017 Sea to Sea ride has ended its cross-continental ride. Over the last 18 months, you’ve been involved in fundraising, donating, and volunteering for this significant event. We are thrilled to announce that you—as donors, volunteers, riders, and fundraisers—have raised $1,683,981 ($1,326,543 USD) as a result of the 2017 Sea to Sea ride!  

The proceeds are now hard at work in programs and efforts to end poverty through World Renew and Partners Worldwide. We would like to once again express our deepest thanks to you. Thank you for your huge investment to donate, ride, volunteer, and support Sea to Sea and its goal of cycling to end poverty.  

Some of you involved have brought up the idea of future rides. After careful discernment by the Sea to Sea Steering Committee and the leadership at World Renew and Partners Worldwide, we have agreed not to plan a cross-continental Sea to Sea ride in the foreseeable future—and to end our ongoing Sea to Sea efforts in partnership together. 

That said, you may hear of similar fundraising efforts by either of our organizations that include walks, rides, runs, or other events to which you can contribute in ending poverty worldwide. For that reason, we encourage you to stay connected with both organizations by signing up for communications, following us on social media, and getting involved as a volunteer or fundraiser. 

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It is our prayer that, over time, you can reflect on the impact, the goodness, the camaraderie, and the shared faith and vision we hold to make this world a better place—a better place you’ve had a part in making for the sake of the Kingdom through the Sea to Sea events of the past dozen years. 

We are indeed grateful for you. 


Sea to Sea, World Renew & Partners Worldwide